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Cutting Down Rental Voids & Increasing Your Cash Flow

by | Jan 10, 2020 | News

Cutting Down Rental Voids and Finding Tenants

As a landlord or property investor in Glasgo you will always want to ensure that your property is tenanted for as much time as possible and that, when your tenant does leave, you get another one in place as soon as possible. Our clients often ask us, what is the best way to go about finding tenants?

Keeping your time to let to a minimum depends on a few factors.

Getting the Correct Valuation –

You want to get market value rental or even slightly above for your property but, at the same time, an over optimistic valuation will deter potential applicants so you will in effect lose rental income by having a longer vacant period. A good valuation is important and your agent is vital in providing this.

Getting Moving Quickly –

It is often possible to start advertising while the current tenant is sitting out their notice period. Most tenants will allow viewings during this period (although they are within their rights to refuse). This gives the opportunity to source interested parties as any applicants may well need to serve notice periods themselves.

Getting Maximum Exposure –

Once your property is ready to advertise you need to get maximum exposure for your advert so you need to be sure that it is visible on as many online sites as possible as this is where over 90% of tenant enquiries come from.

Getting People to See Your Property –

You need to get as many applicants as possible to view your property as soon as possible. This means viewing times need to be flexible to suit viewers who may work shifts or only be in the area at certain times. Your agent can help you here also as they should be happy to do viewings outside of 9 – 5 working hours and also organise block viewings.


If this process is followed then there is an excellent chance that your property will let more quickly than other similar ones giving you a shorter period when it is not earning you rental income. Cutting down rental void periods is just one aspect of keeping your rental properties running smoothly but it is an important one.If properties can be maintained at as close to full occupancy as possible then so much the better for rental investments.


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