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Tenants Costs and Rental Return

by | Feb 13, 2020 | News

Reducing costs for landlords is important to increase rental returns. If you self manage your properties you may find that you are paying for issues that are actually your tenant’s responsibility.

These include things like blocked drains, replacing light bulbs, lost keys and boiler top ups. Costs for these can add up especially if they result in unnecessary out of hours call-outs.

To avoid these costs wherever possible you need to –

  • Make sure tenants have a clear idea of what they are responsible for right from the start
  • Make sure you or your agent can offer best advice when these situations do arise

We issue all tenants with an information and guidance pack which makes clear what they are responsible for and also offers help on how to resolve, at least temporarily, some situations that may have required emergency call-outs.

This is helpful to the tenants as well as it often helps them resolve situations even more quickly than if they did need call-out and even if situations cannot be fully resolved, they can be dealt with in normal working hours, reducing any costs.

When tenants call us with these types of problems, we go through a trouble-shooting process with them so that any call-outs are minimised and that, if a call-out is required, then it is to the correct people. This includes things such as asking tenants to make some attempt to clear blocked drains themselves using drain fluid or plungers, talking them through topping up pressure to get boiler working and even asking them to check the pay as you go meters. We have had tenants calling to say they have no gas or electricity but on checking find that they forgotten to top up their meter!

Through a combination of the information pack and our troubleshooting process we normally sort situations that do not actually require a call-out thus making savings for our landlords and helping our tenants. 

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