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The New Normal In Lettings

by | Jun 1, 2020 | News

The last few weeks have been a very difficult time but, fortunately, we are now seeing some signs of return to activity as it was before the Lockdown. We will however, still be a long way from what was “normal” just a few months ago and it is likely to be some time, if ever, before we return to that situation.

As a result we have updated our working practices to adapt to what is likely to be the normal mode of working for the foreseeable future. Also it will be more important than ever to keep communications going between landlords and tenants to give awareness of potential problems.

Some tenants will no doubt be under much more financial pressure in the coming months but equally some landlords will suffer very quickly if rental income is not received. This is an area where agents need to be particularly proactive in seeing potential problems and finding the best solutions for landlords and tenants.

Steps we have taken to be ready for the “New Normal” include –

Reducing Risks – We should be able to return to doing inspections and physical viewings very soon. The Government may regulate these in some way but we have introduced our own measures to reduce risk when visiting particularly occupied properties. Our staff will wear face masks and carry disposable gloves when conducting viewings and inspections and have been asked not to touch items in properties unless necessary. 

Highlighting Potential Risks – We have contacted all our tenants to ask them to flag up, when reporting maintenance issues or agreeing inspections, if anyone in their household would be considered particularly vulnerable to Covid 19. This will allow us to prepare special arrangements in these situation to minimise any risk to these people.

Also we will continue with changes that we introduced during the full lockdown. These have proved to be very successful and a great asset to getting properties let more quickly – 

Virtual Viewings – We have added virtual walkthrough videos to some advertised rental properties to give prospective tenants a much clearer idea of the layout and appearance. This allows potential tenants to register interest and we have even completed full move-ins based on these for people in emergency situations.

Desktop Valuations – These are still very much available. If you give us a brief description and, if possible, send currently representative photographs then we can still give you a valuation. If your property is unoccupied then we can arrange to visit for final valuation or even if occupied we can arrange to visit using safeguards we have in place.

Remote Consultations – This also has proved to be really useful for us and for our clients. If you want to discuss any matters relating to your rental properties we can offer consultations via remote meeting systems. Just contact us via our website and we can set this up with you.

If you have a question, would like an expert opinion or a free valuation please contact us via