JLC Property Lettings Update: Coronavirus
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Glasgow Letting – New Challenges

Glasgow Letting

You will no doubt have read recent news articles showing that the rental market in Scotland has suffered more than most of the rest of the UK in terms of there being fewer tenant enquiries overall and longer void periods between tenancies. One major contributor to a lessening of demand has been that students and […]

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The New Normal In Lettings

The last few weeks have been a very difficult time but, fortunately, we are now seeing some signs of return to activity as it was before the Lockdown. We will however, still be a long way from what was “normal” just a few months ago and it is likely to be some time, if ever, […]

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Covid-19 Update

The events of recent weeks have brought many new challenges for everyone in society. Along with everyone else, the most important thing for landlords and letting agents to do at present is to ensure they keep themselves, their families and also their tenants as safe as possible as well as helping essential workers by following […]

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Tenants Costs and Rental Return

Reducing costs for landlords is important to increase rental returns. If you self manage your properties you may find that you are paying for issues that are actually your tenant’s responsibility. These include things like blocked drains, replacing light bulbs, lost keys and boiler top ups. Costs for these can add up especially if they […]

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How To Achieve Higher Rents With A Few Changes

property needing refurbishment

Simple Refurbishment Planning Can Boost Rentals I was reading the property news this week and saw one of the “light-relief” items about a property that was marketed for sale which had 147 separate electric sockets of which 36 were in just one room! This was a luxury property, being marketed for sale at over one […]

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Cutting Down Rental Voids & Increasing Your Cash Flow

finding tenants

Cutting Down Rental Voids and Finding Tenants As a landlord or property investor in Glasgo you will always want to ensure that your property is tenanted for as much time as possible and that, when your tenant does leave, you get another one in place as soon as possible. Our clients often ask us, what […]

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What To Do If Your Tenants Report a Broken Boiler?

landlord boiler insurance

One type of call landlords and letting agents never like to get from their tenants is the one to say that the boiler has stopped working! Some of the time this can be resolved quickly, at least temporarily, by the tenant topping up the water pressure which they should have instructions for or can be […]

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4 tips to make the most of the space in a small flat

leasing property

For let properties in cities especially, small living spaces are often the norm. This doesn’t mean, however, it has to be cramped or lacking in storage. In fact, lack of storage may deter potential tenants during viewings, as the space will look untidy and cluttered. Whether you are an experienced landlord or you’ve recently acquired […]

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