Landlords Services

Landlords Concerns and Questions

When talking to new landlords, we find that their questions and concerns are often very similar, and our staff and service will be able to answer these questions and resolve concerns.

Letting regulations and compliance

The many regulations connected to the lettings field are complex and changeable and are a source of concern to landlords that they will fail to keep up to date. We will ensure that your property is compliant with these regulations and remains so in the future by organizing any necessary upgrades and renewals to certification. We also keep you informed of changes through regular email contact.

You can see an outline of compliance requirements at Letting Regulations

Initial Cost of Letting

There may be some initial outlays to get your property ready for rental. Most often these are required to ensure your property complies with all safety regulations. We can organize this work at fixed costs which depend on the size of the property. We can also advise on cosmetic changes to your property which are likely to increase the rental value or reduce the time taken to find a tenant and you can opt for these if you wish.

Time to Let my Property

You will want to find a suitable tenant as soon as possible. The most important factors in this are the asking rent and property condition. When we value your property, we use figures for similar properties in the same area that have been advertised recently. Our valuation is balanced to give you best possible returns while remaining attractive to suitable tenants. General décor of the property is also a factor in this and, if you are unsure, we can advise on most cost-effective ways to achieve good results.

Cost of Management

We offer a comprehensive management service to guide you through the whole lettings process from valuation of your property through to getting a tenant in place and managing your property throughout the tenancy. Full details are at Landlord Info

Our fee structure is simple and transparent. We have no hidden charges, and you will not be asked for any up-front payments.

Charges for our full management service are 10% of rental value and for Letting and marketing the one-off charge is £199. We also offer fixed monthly charges for higher rental values and portfolios.

Tenant Vetting

You will be looking for the most suitable tenants who will look after your property and pay rent fully and on time. We carry out thorough checks on prospective tenants to ensure they can pay the agreed rent. Also, we ensure that they have a past record of being good tenants and have appropriate references or guarantors. We keep you informed of the application process, and you will have final say on selection of tenants. 

Rent Late or Not Paid

Late payment of rent or failure to pay will be a major concern. We contact tenants with reminder as soon as a payment date is missed and continue communication until a payment is received. If the problems persist, we will arrange an inspection and work out best resolution and repayment plan. If tenants fail to pay rent and all other channels have been attempted, we will arrange end of tenancy in line with legal requirements. It is rare for tenants found by us to fall into serious arrears and we also offer a scheme which may be attractive to you which avoids any problems in this area. 

Professional Membership

At JLC Property we are fully registered under the Government Letting Agent Registration scheme and are members of the Council of Letting Agents (CLA) as well as The Property Ombudsman (TPO). All our staff are fully trained in property management and lettings. 

Landlord’s Own Contractor

If you have your own trusted contractors or trades, we are happy to work with them. If you supply us their details, we can add them to our system and contact them when any work is required at your properties.

Why should I choose JLC Property?

To answer your questions and deal with your concerns and to take the stress out of being a landlord –

  • We respond quickly to your questions and requests and to issues regarding your property
  • We deal quickly with tenant issues and questions to keep your tenants happy.
  • We provide a full property management service including out of hours cover
  • We carry out regular property inspections to ensure your property stays in good repair.
  • We have highly trained staff motivated to help you achieve best results from letting.
  • We are members of CLA and TPO
  • We have fully complaint Client Money Protection, Public Indemnity and Liability insurance


We will give you a free desktop evaluation of your rental property by the next working day after enquiry and can visit property at your earliest convenience to give full valuation and appraisal.


“I have been using John at JLC Property for over a year now, to manage four of our properties and have been impressed with the level of service so much so that we have now given him a fifth property to take care of. They have always paid our money on the agreed date every month and taken care of everything. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”


Scottish Based Landlord and Investor

“I was new to letting property and so was not familiar with the regulations or process. JLC Property were very helpful in talking me through this and and in helping get my property ready to rent very quickly. There was also no charge to me until my property was tenanted. I would highly recommend their service to any other landlord seeking a helpful and efficient Letting Agent.”


Landlord, Glasgow

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