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Property Preparation and Furnishing – Preparing a Property for Rental

Property Preparation and Furnishings

If you are letting a flat or a house, then you will have some tasks that are legally required which can be seen on our Preparing to Let page but there are some points which, although not legally required, we would highly recommend in order to ensure –

  • Quicker tenant find
  • Fewer issues during the tenancy and fewer problems at tenant changeovers

We will be happy to give guidance on any of these points


Any appliances left in the property should be in good condition and working fully before you let a flat. Wherever possible please leave manuals for tenants, especially for the heating and hot water systems. Please remember also to notify of any maintenance cover you have in place.

Décor and Furnishings

These should be in good condition at the start of the tenancy. Wherever possible you should use neutral colours. Relatively low-cost upgrades can result in higher rental values and make the property much more attractive to a potential tenant. Simple, neutral landlord furniture that blends in with the decor will be more appealing to tenants. We are happy to advise on these.

Gardens and Outdoor Areas

These should be tidy and well maintained at the start of the tenancy (grass cut etc.). It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain these throughout the tenancy so it is best they are in good condition at the start. You may wish to provide tools to allow the tenant to do this and these will be part of the property inventory.


The property should be thoroughly clean at the start of the tenancy. We recommend a professional clean is done prior to the start of the tenancy. Tenant is required to leave the property to the same standard of cleanliness and, if they fail to do so, the cost of cleaning will be borne by them.

Personal Items

We recommend that a landlord removes their personal items from the property prior to letting. This includes any items of furniture or ornaments that are of either high value or sentimental value. While we do retain a deposit is to cover damage this will not cover the personal loss of such items even through accidental damage.